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Business Services

Santiam Organics offers full service scienfic support as well as dynamic  product lines to garden centers, nurseries, and other retailers.


If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then contact Santiam today.  We can help.

Need scientific Expertise?


Plant Health is the science division of Santiam Organics.  In addition to conducting all of the R & D around Santiam Organics products, Plant Health also offers services directly to our clientele.  Services include:


  • Soilborne pathogen analysis

  • Contract research

  • Consulting

  • Mycorrhiza analysis (roots and soil)

  • New product development

  • Bio-based speaking engagements

Click here to be transferred to the Plant Health main website.

Need a new product line?


Are your retail shelves getting stale?  Are you looking to expand your offering?  What ever your needs, Santiam can assist.  Our expert formulators can help you develop just the right products for your clientele.  We work with you and match you with products that deliver real results.

Need a source for mycorrhizal products?


Did you know that very few of the mycorrhizal products on the market today are actually produced by the company selling them?  Not the case with Santiam Organics.  Santiam's history of producing mycorrhizal products pre-dates almost every other group on the market today.  With our scientific knowledge of these tiny organisms, you can bet that you will be delivering quality products that show results for your customers.

Want support for the products you buy?


Santiam Organics not only stands behind each and every product we produce, we provide training and education to your staff on the key attributes and how to sell them.

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