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Myco-Edge is the most advanced line of mycorrhizal products for the home gardener. Other products claim to have significant levels of mycorrhizal fungi, but actually contain very few propagules. Myco-Edge delivers the goods. With proven species, and the Santiam Organics’ “Steps to Success”, the Myco-Edge line has something for every plant enthusiast. Whether you are planting a garden, flowers, landscape beds, or house plants, Santiam Organics and Myco-Edge have you “rooted in science”. To learn more about Myco-Edge, click here.

The Myco-Fusion product line represents the culmination of over 17 years of product research and development with a focus on indoor gardening needs.  Myco-Fusion products contain high population counts of mycorrhizal fungi, but additionally, they possess a host of other organisms that aid in plant growth and health. The Myco-Fusion line consists of all three types of mycorrhizae, as well as Rhizo-Charge and Bio-Jolt companion products, both which are designed to maximize yield. For more information about Myco-Fusion, click here.

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